Gin Brand

Rainbows Rocketships Gin Logo Design, Branding & Packaging

Gold Coast, Queensland

July 23, 2021
Graphic Design | Logo Design | Packaging

I was hired to for the Logo Design, Brand Identity as well as the Labelling for a new brand of locally distilled Gold Coast Gin. Rainbows Rocketships Gin is a brand that wanted to set itself apart from the old fashion and regal Gin brands on the market, by positioning itself as the vibrant and fun Gin of choice.

To create a kind of Gold Coast night club party vibe, I designed the brand colour to be dark and spacey but also colourful like neon lights.

The logo was drawn in a similar fashion to a Biker gang symbol to add an element of danger. But contrasted with the colours and the spacey elements, it creates a fun and trendy feel. A product that young people would see on the shelf and want to grab to compliment a night of drinking, dancing and Instagram selfies.

Rainbows Rocketships Gin Logo Colour Combos Gin Bottle Label Design Multi Up
Rainbows Rocketships Gin Bottle Design Gold Coast Gin Label
Jaymis Horsey