Space Marines

Intercessor Squad

December 15, 2020
Custom Space Marine Chapter | Space Marines | Warhammer 40,000

Just completed my 10 (or two x5) Intercessor Squad. I painted these to my Parade ready standard and finished with 2 coats of Vallejo Matt Varnish for use on the table.

These boys took approx. 40 hours from build, basing, airbrushing the primer, airbrushing the Vallejo Gunship Green base coast, basing the other colours, transfers, washes and finally the edge highlighting which was the most time consuming step. I magnetized one of the Intercessors helmet and shoulder armour to be swapped out, this allows him to become a sergeant when needed for tabletop if the player wants to split the squad. Check them out in the gallery below!  

Jaymis Horsey